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Hofmühlenstraße 4
01187 Dresden / Germany

Tel.: +49 (351) 89951-0
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Pump Selection Systems
VSX specializes in software and Internet solutions for the pump industry. Main product of the business unit is the pump selection system Spaix whose functionality can be individually extended due to a variety of additional modules. The core product is available for the platforms Microsoft Windows, Web and Mobile (iOS and Android).

Product Overview

Spaix 5 (for Desktop + Web) »
Pump selection system including product configurator and quote generation for the platforms Microsoft Windows and/or Web

Spaix Mobile »
Pump selection software with limited functionality for Mobile devices (iOS and Android)

Spaix Additional Tools »
Several add-ons for the pump selection system Spaix 5 for the individual extension of functionality

Spaix Quick&Easy (for Desktop) »
Desktop entry-level version covering the functions pump selection and performance curve management for the platform Microsoft Windows

Spaix Platforms

Due to the multi-platform design of Spaix 5 users get the possibility to access a unique database via different devices corresponding to a certain situation and infrastructure. Thus, the desktop application is the perfect solution if no reliable Internet connection is available. A crucial advantage of the web version is the use in Internet browsers without the need of a program installation. Spaix Mobile assembles another piece to the puzzle which is - in its entirety - unique on the market.


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