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Spaix 5 - Software Solutions for sales support
Spaix 5 is the latest development for the computer supported selection and configuration of centrifugal pumps by VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE. The extensive program, with which almost every design and construction variation can be displayed, reflects the companies nearly 25 years of experience in the implementation of such solutions. The new version particularly shines when it comes to its intuitive operating concept as well as the increased performance and offers a wide range of additional functionalities. With its integrated price calculation as well as offer and project functionalities, the software serves as a central part of the sales process.


Start Page
  • New intuitive operating concept
  • One database for all platforms (desktop, web and mobile version, webservice)
  • Same user interface for web and desktop version
  • Complete integration of PumpSelector and PumpConfigurator
  • QuickSearch for an even faster selection via duty point
  • Increased performance
  • Multilingual interface
  • Flexible user rights system
  • Maximum Internet security
  • Efficient interfaces


Pump Selection
  • Link of detailed product data with selection and configuration methods (consideration of complex selection algorithms) whereby the user gets a list of suitable pumps according to his indicated values
  • Selection methods: hydraulic selection by duty point, product selection browser by series description, QuickSearch directly from the main screen based on Q and H specification, product search by description or item number (additional module), pump exchange by replacing an existing pump (additional module)
  • Hydraulic Selection: Dimensioning and configuration of pumps according to given operating conditions like area of application, medium, flow rate and head, dimensioning either as single pump or as parallel or in series operation of several pumps (of the same and different type)
    New: Dimensioning with several duty points; also for different fluids
  • NEW QuickSearch: quick and simple pump sizing by entering the desired duty point right on the main screen; After entering the Q-H value as well as the rated frequency, the relevant series are already limited and relevant keywords are offered for further filtering
  • Pipe line calculation (additional module): support with the duty point calculation and automatic transfer to the selection process; friction loss calculation for unbranched systems as well as flow rate determination according to international standard (e.g. sewage water according to DIN EN 12056
  • NEW Pump Exchange (additional module): Allocation of old pumps to the current model; Determining of energy savings through pump exchange and payback period by using the life cycle cost calculation
  • NEW Pump Comparison: comparison of configuration data of different selection processes within a project (selected pumps are listed in a table)
  • Listing of all suitable pumps together with the most important features
  • All information and selection parameter can be individually adjusted to the product range
  • Materials are selected via the consistency table suitable for your selected medium

Curve Calculation and Configuration
  • The PumpConfigurator forms a unit with the PumpSelector, whereby all available configuration options are already displayed during the selection.
  • NEW Selection between different diagram designs
  • Product configuration is carried out in several steps. The program checks if the selected pump fulfills all entered parameters. The order of the main steps can be defined during the data entry whereas the subordinated steps are defined by the program.
  • NEW Calculation of performance curves for multi-stage pumps with depreciation factor
  • NEW User defined configuration messages according to individually defined conditions
  • Pumps performance curves are automatically converted by the software to the respective operating conditions.
  • The program supports all common methods for the duty point adjustment (even for multistage pumps): impeller trimming, changing the speed, throttling of the system (orifice diameter or zeta coefficient), optimization of the blade angle of propeller pumps
  • There are different methods available for the efficiency devaluation of pump performance curve conversion according to the affinity laws.
  • Efficient sizing and dimensioning of special pump types, electronical regulated circulators, booster sets, borehole pumps and turbine pumps (additional module). A multitude of predefined components like motors, gears, materials, shaft seals, bearing frames, magnetic drives, frequency converters and coupling guards can be used for the configuration process.
  • NEW Sizing of turbine pumps (additional module)
  • Calculation of operating and life cycle costs: consideration of different load profiles, graphic and tabular display of the cost comparison. Calculation of the energy efficiency index (EEI) and the Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI) according to the latest EU directives.
  • NEW Output of configuration warnings on the data sheet via new keyword

Acessory Selection
  • The accessory selection can be done either according to a selected configuration or as direct selection via name or item number.
  • It is possible to define parts necessary for the dimensioning of the pump or additional elements like color or warranty extensions as an accessory.
  • Accessories can be classified in the database program or combined to groups
  • Creation of accessory kits thanks to the group functionality
  • Accessory classification according to selection steps (e.g. mechanical or electronic accessory)
  • If prices are stored in the database program it is also possible to display bulk discounts.

Spare Part Selection (Additional Module)
Spare Part Selection
  • Powerful platform for searching and selecting spare parts, which can be used independently from the product via the catalog selection or depending on a selected pump or unit. In addition, the direct selection via item number or spare part description is possible.
  • The corresponding spare part is selected either via the parts list or the drawing.
  • Through the grouping possibility it can be defined if a spare parts kit is offered as complete set or if also single parts are available for selection
  • Different prices can also be used for different markets

Creating Offers and Project Coordination
  • Within the project management quotes including detailed datasheets can be generated and provided.
  • Mapping of the whole distribution chain from request to invoicing
  • NEW Traceability of the sales process thanks to the newly integrated revision history
  • Price calculation according to the selected configuration including all components and accessories, as total price or on the basis of single components
  • Via dynamic product codes the configuration is linked to the price table and if necessary item number. Thus, unique designators are created which can be used for the integration of external programs, like ERP systems
  • Simple management of prices for different markets and support of different currencies and optionally the conversion of currency rates.
  • Optional display of delivery times as well as product availability
  • Availability of standard datasheets as well as the possibility to individually design datasheet according to the customer; language and currency can be defined separately for each datasheet.
  • NEW Assignment of different diagram designs to data sheet templates
  • Project data exchange: project sharing enables user to share a project with several persons in order to work together
  • Direct mailing of quotes including all documents via e-mail
  • Transfer of project data for further processing to third party systems like ERP or CRM via a special interface (additional modules)
  • NEW Spaix CrmConnector for integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (desktop version only)
  • NEW Configurable project export for statistical evaluations
  • NEW Integration of different storage locations
  • NEW Use of compressed project files when saving projects

Data Maintenance
  • The data maintenance tool is a multifaceted software to maintain the complete database and to influence the functionalities of the selection program.
  • The modular concept secures a minimum redundancy of data and displays different product structures.
  • NEW Direct support of scalable vector graphic format SVG which allows a more flexible adaptation of the corporate design of a company
  • NEW Automatic region selection via GeoLocation

User Management and Permission
  • Detailed organization of the user management thanks to the classification of users in user, user groups and teams
  • The individual user login with password ensures the storage of your personal settings.
  • Detailed user statistics for the web version
  • Advanced user permission system

System Requirements
  • Spaix 5 Desktop Application:
    Windows 7 or newer, Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010, at a minimum Dual-Core CPU, at a minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Spaix 5 Web Application:
    at a minimum Single CPU with 4 Cores (Dual Processor machines are recommended), at a minimum 4 GB RAM up to 32GB and more depending on the number of users; Windows Server 2008 R2 - 2016, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - 2016 (Web, Standard Edition or higher), Internet Information Services 7.x or higher, .NET Framework 4.6, SMTP connection

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