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Spaix Tools - Individual Feature Extension
Spaix tools provide various possibilities to complement the selection programs' functionality and to maintain databases.

Spaix Tools for Calculation/Sizing

These modules provide different feasibilities to extend the functionality of the selection program.

  • Spaix 5 PipeCalc: Duty point calculation for hydraulic selection of centrifugal pumps
  • Spaix 5 PumpExchanger: Pump exchange of old pumps with the current model
  • Spaix 5 CableSelector: Cable dimensioning for submersible pumps
  • Spaix 5 ParallelPumping: Calculation of performance curves for similar or different pump types in parallel
  • Spaix 5 MotorBrowser: Browsing and selecting of electrical motors independently from a pump
  • Spaix 5 ConsistencyExtensions: Definition of a consistency during the hydraulic selection
  • Spaix 5 SidechannelViscosityConverter: Curve conversion for pumping of high viscous fluids with side channel pumps
  • Spaix 5 TestnormConverter: Recalculation of pump curves to another acceptance tolerance
  • Spaix 5 MagdriveSizer: Extended selection of magnetic drives
  • Spaix 5 PowerlossCalculator: Performance curve correction depending on the installation type
  • Spaix 5 InletCalculator: Consideration of the depth of cover as well as minimum water level in the infeed chamber for the NPSH curve
  • Spaix 5 VfdAnalyzer: Calculation of the specific energy as function of the frequency when using a frequency converter
  • Spaix 5 ProductSearcher: Locating of a product via the item number or pump name
  • Spaix 5 HistoricProductSearcher - Search for historical products by name or part number and presentation of product properties
  • Spaix 5 NfpaSizer: Sizing of fire-fighting pump systems according to NFPA 20
  • Spaix 5 TurbinePumpSizer: Sizing and dimensioning of vertical line shaft pumps, including drive and required components

Spaix Tools for Software Integration

The tools for software integration not only simplify the data exchange between Spaix selection programs and third party systems, they also make the process faster.

  • Spaix 5 ProjectAdapter XLS/ Spaix 5 ProjectAdapter XML: Exchange of data between Spaix selection programs and third-party systems
  • Spaix 5 CrmConnector: Integration of Spaix 5 PumpSelector Desktop with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Spaix Tools for Customization

With these Spaix add-on's companies are able to adjust the Spaix selection programs to their individual needs.

  • Spaix 5 TranslationManager: Definition of manufacturer-specific program translations as well as transfer of data to external translation agencies via a separate program

Spaix Tools for Data Maintenance

The Spaix modules below can be used for the optimized data maintenance in the Spaix selection programs.

  • Spaix 5 UpdateManager: Update of program files and data via an integrated Internet-Update-Function
  • Spaix DataMigrator: tool for the transfer of data between different database systems
  • Spaix ImportFramework Basic: data transfer from a third party system via a given relational database structure
  • Spaix ExportFramework Basic: data transfer to a relational database structure
  • Spaix 5 DeploymentHelper: Creation of installation media for clients

Spaix Tools for Projects/Quoting

These modules extend the functionality of projecting and quoting in Spaix pump selection programs.

  • Spaix 5 ProjectExporter RTF: Interface for exporting tender texts and project data to a word processing system
  • Spaix 5 TextExporter: Export of a project with tender texts and prices to GAEB or Datanorm format
    (GAEB is a common data exchange format for project data in German building services and HVAC businesses).
  • Spaix 5 DeliveryTimeCalculator: Display of standard delivery times for products
  • Spaix 5 PricelistHandler: Import and export of price lists with the database maintenance program
  • Spaix 5 Statistics: Comprehensive statistical analyses of projects, user and selection processes in the web application
  • Spaix 5 ProjectAccess Desktop to Web: Access a project from web version via Web Service to download and store projects in the local database; storage of local projects directly in the web version

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